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FOXTROT   I    The Foxtrot is one of the most popular social dance in the world today. It is enjoyed by all age groups for its ease of movement and smooth style. The Foxtrot is one of the most deceiving dances as it looks very easy, but is one of the most difficult dances to do. It is the foundation for many of the social dances and is commonly danced at weddings and black tie events. It has gone through many changes over the years and is now comprised of more soft and fluid linear movements. Foxtrot helps the dancer learn timing and smooth, long movement and can be performed to slow as well as faster paced music.


WALTZ   I   The Waltz is an elegant, beautiful dance with long flowing movements and stylish poses. It is characterized by sweeping turns and gliding movements across the dance floor done in a closed position. Rise and fall, body sway, walking steps, correct posture and constantly rotating turns are just some of the styling characteristics which makes even the simplest Waltz patterns elegant and graceful. While the tempo of the waltz is slow, the expressive quality of the music often invites very powerful and dynamic movement from dancers. The Waltz continuous to be one of the most romantic dances of all time. This is a popular dance style that can be used for many occasions including weddings, cruises and social dance events.


RUMBA   I   The Rumba is Cuban in origin and is often referred to as the "dance of love." It is a moderately slow Latin dance with plenty of wraps, under arm turns and lots of coquetry. The Rumba is danced to a slow sensuous beat with a variety of body movements, spins, dips and Latin hip movement. Sultry and romantic, the music is a mixture of African and Latin rhythms. The Rumba is a sensuous and seductive dance, which spotlights the lady and features much flirtation.


TANGO   I   Tango is a sexy, stylish and chic. This very powerful dance has long angular strides with dramatic direction changes, and pronounced emotional gestures. The tango is a progressive dance that incorporates lingering freezes and quick snaps of the head and body. It is danced in a slightly different manner to the other dances. The hold is very different, with the lady's arm under the man's, which creates a tighter hold for a quick body movement and stylized poses. A staccato movement of the feet and flexed knees highlight the dramatic style of the tango.


EAST COAST SWING   I   This dance is frequently referred to as a triple step swing due to rhythm of the basic triple step. This dance consists of six and eight count patterns, which require a rock step back by both man and woman to begin. It is a circular dance that is danced with a bounce and is very grounded and not high in the legs. This bounce requires the dancer to stay very smooth and not jump around much. East Coast Swing is the base for all swing dances.


HUSTLE   I   The Hustle came alive in the disco era. It is a fast, smooth dance, with the lady spinning almost constantly, while her partner draws her close and sends her away. It can be danced everywhere: ballrooms, nightclubs, Latin clubs, parties and wedding receptions. The Hustle is characterized by fast moving patterns with many turns that tends to spotlight the lady and features fancy arm and hip movements. The Hustle can be danced to disco, techno-beat and nightclub music. Its steps and turns are very easy to learn.


CHA CHA   I    The Cha Cha is an energetic, sensual dance that lets the dancer show some personality. It is an exciting syncopated Latin dance, which originated in the 1950's as a slowed-down Mambo. The Cha Cha gathers its personality, character, rhythm, basis and charm from two major dance sources. It has a fun, staccato style that is known for the syncopation of the fourth beat. It is a derivation of the Mambo through its Latin music, it is also a close relative of the Swing as it is danced to its 1-2-3, step-step rhythm. The Cha Cha gets its name and character from its distinct repetitive foot rhythm.

SALSA   I   Salsa is a fun, high-energy Latin dance where you shake your hips and shimmy your shoulders. It is very popular on the social and Latin nightclub dance scene. Salsa features lots of turns, multiple spins, quick intricate footwork and sensual body movements. This dance is hot, spicy, and passionate.


BACHATA   I   The Bachata is a sensual Latin American dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. The basic steps of Bachata are really simple with just three steps to the side and a foot tap on the 4th beat. Hip movement and body isolations spice up the basic steps.


MERENGE   I   The Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic, where it originated in the early 1800’s. It is a fast and spicy dance that is very easy to learn. The Merengue is a fun dance made up of simple steps and is characterized by its marching feel. Turns are slow and typically danced four beats/steps making it fairly simple to learn and a great dance for beginners. This dance helps you get the feeling of the Latin hip movement in no time.


R & B LINE DANCING   I    Easy to learn and no partner necessary!  These are great dances to learn and teach at parties, weddings and social events.  Listen to the oldies and take a stroll down memory lane. 

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